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Recently published data from Dr. Miron and a team of experts presents compelling evidence that may help you decide to incorporate EMD into your bone regeneration procedures.*

Gain insight, as they explain their rationale for the choice of methods and components and their findings, that could benefit your practice right away. You’ll get the answers to questions.

  • How were bone formation and wound inflammation affected?
  • How is the EMD adsorption to bone graft particles influenced by the presence of blood?
  • What cellular responses were observed when bone graft particles were pre-coated with EMD?
  • Did EMD enhance osteoblast and PDL cell attachment, proliferation and differentiation on bone graft particles?

More predictable results, less invasive treatment and faster healing times** increase patient acceptance – the promise of EMD in treatment is very bright. Get the paper today and get the facts.

Get your copy of:

Adsorption of Enamel Matrix Proteins to a Bovine-Derived Bone Grafting Material and Its Regulation of Cell Adhesion, Proliferation, and Differentiation.

*Emdogain is approved for use in periodontal regeneration, including instrabony defects, Class II mandibular furcations with minimal interproximal bone loss, recession defects and in combination with allograft, autograft, bone derived xenograft, bioactive glass or beta-TCP in wide defects or where additional soft tissue support is needed.

**If tissue harvest and/or drawing of blood can be avoided


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