The “Straumann Ideas Portal”

Turning ideas into innovations.

60 years of “simply doing more” is now taken to the next level.

What is it and why are we doing it?

What is the “Straumann Ideas Portal”?

Turning ideas into innovations

Sometimes good ideas come by chance and sometimes by dint of hard work. However, they rarely come just when you need them. So how do companies manage to find the necessary flash of inspiration to turn a multitude of ideas into new, marketable products and services? Straumann is the first company in the sector to set up a global, web-based innovation platform. Since January 2014, the Straumann Ideas site has been available for clients, researchers, clinicians and employees to pass on their innovative ideas to us.

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Why are we doing it?

The dental implant industry is in a state of change. In the future, growth drivers in the premium segment will include sales processes, innovative solution concepts and incremental product improvements at a very high level. We therefore believe that it is essential to recognize and leverage this innovation potential at an early stage. A strategy that seamlessly ties into our core beliefs.

Our core beliefs
Reliability is our Trademark We deliver peace of mind. Our customers and patients trust us for consistent quality and service excellence. All submitted ideas are reviewed and discussed within the Straumann Innovation Forum. Every request receives its due attention and is evaluated by the appropriate internal expert(s).
Simplicity is our strength
In an increasingly complex world, we seek solutions that make life simpler for customers and patients. With our global, web-based innovation platform we are offering a channel to communicate ideas and inventions to Straumann in a fast, simple and straightforward way.
Customers are our inspiration We are dedicated to the success of all our customers. We always seek to understand their perspective and to deliver what we promise. The “Straumann Idea Portal” is available to clients, researchers, clinicians and employees to submit their innovative ideas.
People are our success Our success depends on skilled, caring, trustworthy and diverse individuals, who work as a team and share our passion for innovative solutions and service excellence. The Innovation Forum consists of various internal experts from different fields of expertise, covering all subjects of the Straumann world: product portfolio, research, marketing and development. 
Achieving more is our future We strive relentlessly for better solutions and to create value for our stakeholders. We must always believe in our ability to achieve more. Straumann is the first company in implant dentistry with a global, web-based innovation platform to take an unbiased and open-minded approach towards new methods, opportunities and solutions – for a successful future.

What is the process?

Do you have an idea that you would like to share?

Step 1

Prepare relevant information for online submission

Please prepare the subsequent information for an online submission of your proposal:

  • personal information and contact details
  • a short non-confidential overview about your idea
  • attachments: max. 5 files/max. 10 MB per file, allowed formats: png, gif, jpg, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, pdf, txt

Step 2

Submit your idea in 4 quick and easy steps via the Straumann Idea Portal
  • Go to the Straumann Ideas Portal
  • Read and accept the legal terms and conditions carefully
  • Enter your personal information and contact details
  • Fill in your short non-confidential overview
  • Provide information on the desired outcome and upload your attachments

Step 3

Confirmation, reference number and contact at Straumann

After the successful submission of your proposal you will receive a confirmation e-mail including:

  • an internal reference number
  • the expected feedback timeline
  • contact information for questions and support

Step 4


Once a month, a forum of internal experts will convene to review your proposal. The evaluation process might include a confidentiality agreement and consists of the following steps:

  • Evaluation of the input in terms of:
    • portfolio strategy
    • commercial potential
    • customer benefit
  • Follow-up discussion

Step 5


After the evaluation process has been brought to a conclusion, you receive a feedback via mail or phone regarding your input and the decision of the Innovation Forum.