ITI Congress North America Chicago, USA    April 4 – 6, 2013

The fellows and members of the North American Sections of the International Team for Implantology invite you to attend the 2013 NA ITI Congress in Chicago. The theme for the Congress is “Connectivity in Implant Dentistry: Putting the Pieces Together.” This theme embraces the ideals of the ITI – the dissemination of clinically relevant, scientifically sound information in an environment of collaboration and cooperation.

The members of the Scientific Program Committee have prepared an exciting and up-to-date learning opportunity. The scientific sessions will focus on technologies and protocols that are relevant today and in the future. The wonderful slate of international and national speakers has been selected to share their unique expert experiences, and the goal is to provide all attendees with practical, evidence-based solutions to contemporary implant-based treatment issues.

New to this congress will be an opportunity to attend “Corporate Business Forum,” focusing on select learning opportunities identified by our exhibitor partners. These will, of course, be in addition to the traditional Thursday afternoon business forum program hosted by Straumann.

The general session on Friday morning will focus on the connectivity theme from the perspective of treatment team members. The Surgical and Restorative sessions offered on Friday afternoon will focus on topics relevant to each specialty within the connectivity perspective. In addition, there will be a poster competition concurrent to these parallel sessions.  You are strongly encouraged to submit an entry if you are interested.

As a tradition, ITI will host an event for congress participants on Friday evening. This is a unique opportunity for networking in a social environment in partnership with Straumann, while benefiting the National Foundation for Ectodermal Dysplasia.

Saturday morning will see the excitement continue. The general session will focus on the management and avoidance of procedural and esthetic complications. The wildly popular “Tech Pods” will be re-introduced.  “Tech Pods” has been updated and it is better than ever. The Congress will conclude with a ceremony recognizing the winner of the André Schroeder Award for Research.

The 2013 NA ITI Congress in Chicago will be several days of learning, friendship and fun. Take the opportunity to mingle with the invited clinicians in a relaxed atmosphere, and learn about the ITI and how to become an active part of the future in implant dentistry.

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