Become an #OriginalStraumann

Was it a fake?

Of course not! At Straumann, reliability is our trademark – there were no Hollywood-style special effects by our CEO Marco Gadola.  He’s a true original. Watch the exclusive behind the scenes footage to see how it’s done!

Why #OriginalStraumann?

ideal Match

A precisely harmonized design combined with high quality manufacturing. 

Excellent Mechanical Performance

Impressive fatigue test performance.

Clinical Evidence

Documented long-term clinical success.

Service Excellence

World-class service and support including the Straumann® Guarantee

Become an original!


Insist on original Straumann® components.
Verify the authenticity of the components by checking whether the 2 stripes of the Straumann logo are on the abutment connection.

Or use our online verification tool:
Document the use of original Straumann® components in the patient’s chart.

Dental Technicians

Understand the benefits of original
Straumann® components 
Use and recommend original Straumann® components.
Explain the value of original Straumann® components to your referrals.

Interested in becoming a true original yourself?

Get in contact with your local Straumann customer service.


Join us – show us how you are #OriginalStraumann

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Dr. David M. Feinerman:When people are trusting us to take care of them, they want us to choose something that has a lot of science behind it, a product that has withstood the test of time and that’s why we choose to put Straumann components in our patients. We’re confident that they have decades of research behind them, plus we have good clinical success ourselves.”

Grady Crosslin, CDT: “I feel strongly about using original on original components, primarily due to the fact of past experiences with difficulty seating 3rd party abutments or some sort of failure whether it be abutment loosening, screw failure, and wanted to ensure that my restorative doctors and surgeons and the whole restorative team have that assurance that anything that comes out of Crosslin Creative Ceramics will be an original on original component.”