Gum Disease (periodontitis) is an inflammatory disease of the periodontal tissues which may result in the gradual loss of the tooth and supporting structures.

The cause of gum disease

Bacteria and their toxins spread and cause bacterial plaque. If plaque is not removed by appropriate oral hygiene, tartar develops due to mineral deposits. A normal toothbrush is no longer sufficient; its removal requires professional cleaning by a dentist or dental hygienist. If tartar is not removed, its toxins irritate the gums and stimulate an  inflammatory response in which the body, in essence, turns on itself and the tissues and bone that support the teeth are broken down and destroyed.

Please note that not all patients exhibit these advanced symptoms of the inflammatory disease. Always consult with your dentist if you are uncertain about the condition of your gums.

1. Mild inflammation of the gums caused by plaque and tartar formation
2. Severe inflammation of the (periodontitis)
3. Massive inflammation and atrophy of the periodontium

Plaque accumulates on the tooth at the gum line. The gum tissue becomes inflamed and bleeds.

Gums separate from the teeth, forming pockets (spaces between the teeth and gums) that become infected. Bacteria multiply, and plaque adheres to the tartar; the surrounding bone deteriorates.

The gum recedes. Jaw bone and tooth fibers continue to atrophy, the tooth loosens and may fall out.

Straumann Emdogain™ – a cutting-edge treatment

Prior to Emdogain*, there was no way to regenerate the tissues that support teeth. With more than 400 clinical studies demonstrating its effectiveness, Emdogain* is designed to reverse the effects of gum disease and saves teeth.

*In combination with coronally advanced flap

Results of Emdogain treatment for a bone defect (a possible effect of gum disease)

Courtesy of Prof. Carlos E. Nemcovsky, Tel-Aviv University

Since every surgical procedure carries potential risks, patients should always consult a dental professional to evaluate whether a regenerative treatment is an option for them.