Straumann Dental Implant Solutions for Missing Teeth

Whether you are missing one tooth, multiple teeth, or all of your teeth, Straumann offers a reliable tooth replacement option.

Replacement of a single tooth teeth

An implant replaces the missing tooth root and supports the implant crown. The healthy neighboring teeth do not have to be ground down and remain intact.

Single Tooth

Replacement of multiple teeth

A bridge can be placed on two or more implants. As opposed to treatment with a conventional bridge, the healthy neighboring teeth are not damaged.

Two Teeth

Replacement of all your teeth

There are various options available if you are missing all of your teeth.  Your doctor will help you determine the right solution for you. Implant-supported full arch porsthesis are designed to offer more stability than conventional prostheses and look and feel more like natural teeth.

Fig. 1: A row of teeth can be anchored in the jaw by several implants

Fig. 2: An implant-supported denture can be removed by the patient for oral hygiene.


Since every surgical procedure carries potential risks, patients should always consult a dental professional to evaluate whether dental implants are the option for them.