Product-related services

Our products and solutions are complemented by a range of product-related services and direct sales support.

Straumann® services and support

A comprehensive product portfolio forms one side of Straumann’s competitive edge. Service excellence and customer reach make up the other. We strive to support you in your daily business through various service channels and with different service tools.

For the products in our CADCAM portfolio, the Straumann support process offers first-hand contact through local expert teams across the world. All your questions will be appropriately handled and answered immediately whenever possible. Some questions may be more complex than others – for this purpose, Straumann holds a worldwide second-level expert group available to provide customers with timely solutions.

As part of our support to dental labs, we constantly update our Straumann® CARES® Visual software and offer real-time remote access support. To facilitate remote support, the Straumann® CARES® Scan CS2 scanner features a built-in camera, enabling us to literally see the problem and address it.

Select your country and get in contact with our local expert who speaks your language and supports you in all matters related to Straumann® CARES® CADCAM  – they are looking forward to helping you!


Straumann provides you with a comprehensive guarantee for the products in the Straumann® Dental Implant System and for Straumann® CARES® products. The new Straumann Guarantee applies if Straumann® products are used in combination with other original Straumann® products. Provided that the conditions of the Straumann Guarantee are fulfilled, the following guarantee periods are covered:

  • 5-year guarantee period: for ceramic restorations
    Replacement with an equivalent ceramic abutment (attached to a Straumann® Implant) or with an equivalent ceramic crown, coping or bridge restoration (for tooth and implant-supported restorations).
  • 10-year guarantee period: for metal restorations
    Replacement with an equivalent metal abutment (attached to a Straumann® Implant) or with an equivalent metal restoration (for tooth and implant-supported restoration).
  • Lifetime guarantee period: for implants
    Replacement with an equivalent implant and an equivalent abutment, if necessary.

Please note that some products may be excluded from the guarantee. For applicable terms and conditions of the Straumann Guarantee (including the Guarantee territory), please refer to the Straumann Guarantee brochure.

As a pioneer in implant dentistry, Straumann is committed to supporting the millions of patients with Straumann® dental implants and original prosthetic components as exclusive distributor. Implant-borne prosthetic products show signs of wear over a long period, just like crowns and bridges on natural teeth. Straumann has therefore launched Straumann® Classic components.

Straumann® Classic⃰ reflects Straumann’s commitment to supplying prosthetic products for Straumann® implants sold in the past – in case the patient needs them. If a patient has received a Straumann® implant between 1974 and 1999, Straumann® Classic provides the corresponding prosthetic product today.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Commitment to supply prosthetic components for Straumann® implants in the event of the need for a repeat restoration
  • Genuine prosthetic components for Straumann® implants since 1974

For more general information on our implant and prosthetic portfolio, visit our page on the Straumann® Dental Implant System.

All Straumann® Classic components are also integrated in the Straumann® Product Catalog.


*Some products may require regulatory approvals and may not be available in all markets.

It can be very unpleasant when a closure screw, healing cap or a basal screw can no longer be removed from the implant. To support Straumann customers in these critical and exceptional situations, we have developed the Service Set. It consists of various instruments which are used for the removal of fractured or stuck prosthetic components. Many customers have applauded the availability of this important instrument.

Several kits are available to cover the variety of indications with any Straumann® implant line marketed by Straumann today and in the past.*

We also offer practice/business support to our customers, as well as various courses under our training and education program.


*The Straumann® Service Set and corresponding components have only been validated for the repair of original Straumann® products.