Implant maintenance

Straumann® TiBrush™ is indicated for the open flap debridement of titanium implant surfaces in bone defects caused by peri-implantitis.

Debridement of implant surface

Dental implants play a crucial role for oral rehabilitation. However, their survival may be jeopardized by the occurrence of mechanical and/or biological complications. One such biological complication is peri-implantitis. Every peri-implantitis case has bone loss associated with it; in the worst case, the dental implant may be lost. This potentially results in patient discomfort, damage to the clinician’s reputation and loss of time and money.

features and benefits

TiBrush™ offers the clinician the following benefits:

  • Gentle on metal implant surfaces1,2
  • More effective and efficient at debriding implant surface1,3
  • Significant reduction in treatment time1,3
  • Optimized access to implant threads with fine titanium bristles1

TiBrush™ is made of titanium bristles with a stainless steel shaft. It is delivered sterile and is for single patient use only.

1 Compared to metal curettes
2 Data on file: Benchtest of TiBrush™ – P1.245-001V
3 More efficient and effective – Cleaning efficiency on contaminated titanium discs (F. Schwarz, data on file P1.245-008V), in-vitro study

For optimal results TiBrush™ should be used with an oscillating handpiece (vs. rotating handpiece).

A handpiece with an effective twist operating angle of ±30° should be used at 900 oscillations per minute. Below are models we have evaluated. Please note that there may be suitable handpieces from other manufacturers which we have not evaluated.

NSK (visit NSK website)

  • TEQ-Y (REF 849) + handpiece ECM (C100007; 1:1) + NSK C032-701
  • TEQ-Y (REF 849) + handpiece ER4M (C634002; 4:1) + NSK C032-701
  • TEQ-Y (REF 849) + handpiece ER10M (C635002; 10:1) + NSK C032-701
  • TEQ-Y (REF 849) + handpiece ER16M (C635002; 16:1) + NSK C032-701
  • TEQ-Y (REF 849) + handpiece ER64M (C637002; 64:1) + NSK C032-701
  • Ti-Max X, Modell X35L REF C620X35
  • Ti-Max X, Modell X35 REF C624

KaVo (visit KaVo website)

  • INTRALUX 53LDN contra angle shanks

1. Gaining access to the infected implant site

2. Initial debridement of the implant site

3. Debridement of the implant site with TiBrush™ using an oscillating handpiece

4. Final cleaning of the implant site

For more information on the correct usage of Straumann® TiBrush™, please consult our Step by step instructions.

* Pictures show a generic implant.