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Straumann® AlloGraft Dermal Matrix is an acellular dermal matrix excellent for GTR/GBR and oral soft tissue correction in areas such as periodontal defects and ridge preservation.

Benefits of Straumann® Dermal Matrix

  • Safety: Packaged Sterile with an SAL of 10-6 for increased patient safety
  • Convenient Storage: Ambient temperature, no refrigeration is needed
  • Biocompatible: ≥ 97% of DNA removed while retaining native growth factors, collagen and elastin
  • Ready to use: No rehydration needed
  • Protects Graft Site: Cell-occlusive natural membrane that protects grafted site from fluid and bacterial contamination
  • Effective Site Remodeling: Graft resorbs through normal site remodeling in 4-6 months following placement


Clinical Applications

  • Membrane (Bone Graft Containment)
  • Gingival Recession
  • Implant preparation
  • Ridge Preservation
  • Periodontal Defects
  • Soft Tissue Repair/Correction
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