More than bone regeneration. A total solution.

Specific indications, treatment goals, and patient conditions vary from case to case, so our portfolio covers a wide spectrum of solutions, engineered to predictably and reliably repair defects and enhance implant stability.


NEW! Straumann® Membrane FlexTM

  • Proven biomechanical strength enhances fixation assurance*.
  • Takes sutures or tacks with ease, for simple yet secure fixation.
  • Resorbs predictably over 3 to 4 months.
  • Flexibility with placement as it can be easily repositioned for precise placement. Learn More

NEW! Straumann® XenoGraft

  • Methodically processed from bovine bone for excellent biocompatibility and an optimal balance of calcium and phosphate, this natural substitute has many characteristics comparable to human bone.
  • Low crystallinity offers a favorable surface for new bone while high porosity supports osteoconduction.
  • A slower resorption rate provides extended volume maintenance. Learn More

Straumann® AlloGraft

  • Count on this consistently reliable graft material to give your repairs a strong start.
  • Delivers strong structural support, rapid bone regeneration, and volume preservation.
  • Most similar to a patient’s own bone because it’s 100% derived from donor bone provided by a world-leading tissue bank.  Learn More

Straumann® BoneCeramic™

  • Engineered to support restoration and preservation of bone volume, this alloplastic bone substitute is biocompatible and homogenous.
  • As it gradually resorbs, it is replaced by new, vital bone.
  • Excellent handling characteristics and consistent quality make it a dependable performer.
    Learn more

Recommendations in this table are based on material characteristics and scientific data (where available). They indicate which Straumann products are best suited to treat the specified defects prior to or after dental implant placement.


Straumann® bone regeneration materials offer predictable remodeling and resorption, with a range of products to meet specific clinical indications and clinician preferences. It’s a comprehensive approach to treatment options for oral rehabilitation—all from one provider.

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