Bone graft

Depending on the defect and the aim of your treatment, the choice of a bone substitute like Straumann® BoneCeramic™ can foster treatment success.

BoneCeramic™ is a fully synthetic bone graft substitute designed to support bone regeneration and preserve bone volume. BoneCeramic™ can be used for a series of procedures for dental bone regeneration. It possesses an optimized morphology which promotes the new formation of vital bone. BoneCeramic™ gradually resorbs and is substituted by the patient’s own vital bone.1

Vital bone tissue regeneration builds a foundation for the success of the osseointegration of a dental implant and the functional regrowth of periodontal structures.

The specific formulation of BoneCeramic™ has been designed to support patients vital bone regeneration, while also restoring and preserving bone volume, which is critical for the esthetic result.2

Excellent handling

BoneCeramic™ is a fully synthetic and biocompatible product. Its manufacturing process features homogeneous phase distribution and batch-to-batch consistency. When applied, BoneCeramic™ rapidly absorbs fluids, forming a granular putty. The wetted granules adhere to the application instrument and subsequently fit the bony defect nicely.


BoneCeramic™ is indicated for filling and/or augmenting intraoral/maxillofacial osseous defects:

  • Bony defects of the alveolar ridge
  • Tooth extraction sites
  • Sinus floor elevation
  • Intrabony periodontal osseous defects and furcation

For periodontal regeneration in wide defects, BoneCeramic™ is also available in combination with Emdogain® as Emdogain® PLUS.

Emdogain® PLUS combines the regenerative capabilities3 and the proven long-term efficacy4 of Emdogain® with the stability required for wide defects which is provided by BoneCeramic™.

The Straumann® Bone Block Fixation set is a modified Guided Bone Regeneration system used to stabilize and fixate bone grafting blocks for the regeneration of bone in the oral cavity. The bone block fixation technique allows for the placement of dental implants in sites previously unsuitable for implantation procedures.

Small and compact, the Straumann® Bone Block Fixation set consists of a practical cassette that holds all the necessary instruments, drills, and screws you need for your bone block fixation procedures.

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