Straumann® Temporary Abutments - The VITA-CAD® Temp Product Portfolio

This new abutment line offers complete coverage of all Straumann restorative platforms including Tissue Level Regular Neck (RN), Wide Neck (WN), Narrow Neck CrossFit® (NNC) and Bone Level Narrow CrossFit (NC) and Regular CrossFit (RC).

Now made of PMMA material for direct veneering, experience the improved VITA CAD-Temp® geometry that provides simplified handling. The VITA-CAD Temp abutment features a Ti-alloy metal core for strength, a reliable connection, a self-retaining SCS screw and the laser marked Straumann Logo for easy identification of an authentic component.

Product Features

  • Veneerable polymer material
  • Easily modifiable polymer material
  • Ti-alloy metal core for strength
  • Reliable Ti-alloy connection (yellow anodization for NC)
  • Self-retaining SCS screw*
  • Laser marking: Straumann Logo

*SCS = screw carrying system

VITA-CAD® Temp abutments feature a mesostructure formed of PMMA to accept direct veneering of temporary materials. The PMMA material is easily modified with standard tools and techniques. The emergence profile geometry is improved to more closely match the consistent emergence profiles of our healing abutments and to remove the bulky emergent section of the PEEK abutments.

The VITA-CAD Temp abutment features a Ti-alloy metal core for strength and reliability, including the self-retained SCS screw for patient safety. In addition, the metal base of the abutment now displays the laser etched Straumann Logo to provide easy identification and ensure receipt of authentic Straumann components.