Soft Tissue Level solutions

The Straumann® Soft Tissue Level implant is designed to reduce chair time and minimize treatment complexity.

Simplicity and efficiency

The Straumann® Soft Tissue Level implant has a built-in smooth collar that reaches into the soft tissue and shapes it, thus eliminating the need for gingiva formers and time-consuming soft tissue management procedures. Designed for one-stage surgery, it avoids the second surgical procedure required to access submerged implants placed at bone level.

Features and benefits

  • Lean prosthetic portfolio supported by the implant design
  • Abutment-level impression makes workflow efficient and number of patient visits can be minimized1
  • Simple impression taking and abutment placement due to the connection at soft tissue level
  • Clear implant view and accessibility in the challenging posterior region
  • Clinical evidence shows high treatment success and patient satisfaction2

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The classic implant for one-stage surgery

Straumann® Standard Implant

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The implant for immediate placement

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1 Applicable to simple cases according to the ITI rating and using a solid abutment.
2 K Fischer ITI World Symposium; Geneva, Switzerland, 15-17 Apr 2010.