CASES and Testimonials

“With Roxolid® available on the all implant diameters, I am now able to treat more patients with implant therapy and to offer them more efficient treatment options.

This has been a wonderful benefit to both me and my restorative partners and especially to the patients.

I applaud Straumann‘s commitment to innovations that enhance the treatment experience for all parties involved in implant treatment.”

– Dr. Robert Miller, FL

“The Roxolid® material provides additional treatment options for my patients with increased confidence, security and less aggressive surgical procedures.

The design of the CrossFit® connection for Bone Level Implants allows me total prosthetic flexibility for fixed and removable restorations with outstanding strength and reliability.

I also commend Straumann on their ongoing commitment to simplicity in that the new implants do not require any additional impression components, abutments or instruments from what I am already using."

– Dr. Robert C. Vogel, FL

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