SIMPLICITY – The Loxim Transfer Piece

Loxim™ is a pre-mounted, self-retained transfer piece with shorter height that offers clockwise and counter-clockwise rotations for one step implant insertion.
With Loxim, the holding key is no longer required to remove the transfer piece, helping to make implant placement more efficient.


It's Quick
  • Blue color for high visibility during surgery
  • Comes off with adapter after insertion
  • No holding key required
It's Reliable
  • Clockwise and counterclockwise turns
  • Torque stop to protect implant connection
  • Minimal removal force
It's Easy to Use
  • Corono-apical height markings
  • Reduced height for access to areas of limited space
  • Can be easily re-inserted for further advancement of implant placement


It's Quick
  • Pre-mounted to the implant
  • Self-retaining
  • One-step implant insertion
It's Reliable
  • Optimized removal force
  • Clockwise and counterclockwise turns
It's Easy to Use
  • CrossFit® rotational markings
  • Soft tissue height markings
  • Short height