SURFACE – The SLActive® Surface Technology

SLActive® surface technology offers faster osseointegration to enhance confidence in all treatments, reduce healing times from 6-8 weeks to 3-4 weeks1 and increase predictability in stability-critical treatment protocols.

1 Compared to SLA®.

Scientifically supported SLA® surface topography
Hydrophilicity to attract blood to more of the available surface
Chemical activity to promote faster osseointegration than SLA®

Scientific Evidence

SLActive® – Human Histology

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  • First study to evaluate rate and degree of osseointegration at SLA® and SLActive® surfaces in humans1
  • Conducted during early phases of healing
  • Demonstrated that osseointegration was greater at 14 days for SLActive
  • Significantly greater at 28 days for SLActive

1 Lang NP, et al. Early osseointegration to hydrophilic and hydrophobic implant surfaces in humans. Clin. Oral Impl Res. 2011;22:349-356.

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